How will I know that it is a Blizzard Bag Day?

The announcement that school is closed will include information that students are to use their Blizzard Bags. School closure announcements are posted on our website, available at, and sent out through our SchoolMessenger system (phone, text, and email.)

Snow Day Blizzard Bags

By using Blizzard Bags, our winter New England weather leads to fewer school interruptions for our students. Instead of a snow day (with no classes), on a Blizzard Bag Day, students access learning prepared by their teachers. Students in grades 4 -12 access assignments in Schoology, while K-3 students have more "paper and pencil" assignments. K-3 students can also access a copy of the Blizzard Bag assignments through Schoology and this website (see navigation bar). The first snow event that cancels school is a SNOW DAY! We do not begin our Blizzard Bag program until after we have a snow day.

Blizzard Bag Days

For the past 8 years, Moultonborough School District has had the option of using Blizzard Bags during school cancellations. Weather that would make attending school hazardous results in school cancellations (snow days). Blizzard Bag days allows for school cancellations that do not disrupt learning and "count" as a school day. During the pandemic, we have also used Blizzard Bag Days to allow for learning when schools closed due to COVID related events.

Special Blizzard Bag Days - Special School Closures due to COVID

There may be a need to close a school (or both) in the district for a brief time due to COVID related events, such as short staffed or COVID cluster outbreak. In these events, opening school(s) may pose a threat to student safety. Instead, we would continue learning through the use of Blizzard Bags. (See your child's schools Blizzard Bag expectations in the menu on this page.)